Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Congratulations Olympus: The Olympus XZ-1 Compact Digital Camera Wins the DP Review Gold Award Best of Class

Congratulations to our friends at Olympus! We are happy to announce that The Olympus XZ-1 Compact Digital Camera has won the DP Review Gold Award Best of Class! 

The return in popularity of compact digital cameras has introduced some new and interesting models from major brands like Samsung, Nikon, Canon etc.  However, over the past decade, Olympus has appeared to be lacking in this area, nearly invisible in the compact digital camera scene. But all for good reason.

Olympus has quietly observed both the strengths and the weaknesses of these other companies in their attempts to create the best compact digital camera on the market and the result is The award winning Olympus XZ-1, a model that takes all of the best elements and features of its rivals and rolls them into one sleek and attractive package. 

XZ-1 Sample Image 01
According to DP Review,“The XZ-1 steps in towards the more compact end of this spectrum and does a great job of balancing flexibility with pocketabilty. Not only does it offer a very versatile lens range (28-112mm equivalent), but it does so with a maximum aperture that can't be matched. At F1.8-2.5 it's brighter at every point than either the Panasonic or Samsung, and is in a completely different league to the F2.0-4.9 offered by the Canon S95 to which it's otherwise so similar."

Additional Gold Award Best of Class worthy features include:
  • Fastest (brightest) zoom lens of any current compact
  • Really useful 28-112mm lens range
  • Lens impressively sharp with good corner softness at wide apertures
  • Reliable exposure metering and great color response make it easy to get good images
  • Good high ISO capability for a small-sensor camera (and rarely needed thanks to the bright lens)
  • AF illuminator helps in low light
  • Simple control system still gives high level of manual control
  • Low light mode makes it easy to make the most of the camera's strengths, quickly
  • Art Filters are good at encouraging creative photographic thinking
  • Ability to control flashes wirelessly a major plus

As the very first of its generation born into the competitive world of compact digital cameras and with an award under its belt already, the Olympus XZ-1 is likely to be one of the hottest compact digital cameras of 2011.

The Olympus XZ-1 is expected to arrive by next week but is available for pre-order before its official release date. 

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