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Keep Creativity in Bloom This Spring With A Fresh Bouquet of Olympus Instant Savings of $30 -$150 before April 2nd 2011!

spring sale 
March 20 - April 02

Maybe it doesn't feel like spring yet, but H and B DIGITAL would still like to help your CREATIVITY STAY IN BLOOM by offering instant savings of $30, $50, $80, $100 and $150 on a fresh bouquet of Olympus Products including Olympus Digital PEN cameras, Compact Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras, Tough Series Waterproof, Shockproof, Freezeproof Digital Cameras, M.Zuiko Lenses, SWD lenses, flashes & camera + lens bundles & kits. 

PLUS you’ll receive a FREE 4GB memory card with your purchase of any digital camera on our website until April 15th. 

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Indestructible Adventure Camera: The NEW Olympus Tough TG-610

Tiny But Tough - The Olympus TG-610 Compact Cam

Most of us don’t feel comfortable leaving our camera lying on the back of a sofa, let alone taking it on a trek to the Artic…but with the new ultra-rugged Olympus Tough series model the TG-610, even the biggest worry wart can shoot HD movies and stills anytime, anywhere, and absolutely anxiety-free. This is because the New Olympus Tpugh TG-610 just got even tougher. Waterproof, shockproof, crushproof and freezeproof, the TG-610 is virtually indestructible.

Additionally, the tg-610 comes jam-packed with a host of cutting-edge innovations that deliver excellent image quality, usability and connectivity in any shooting situation. With a 5x optical zoom lens, users can shoot 14 megapixel still photos with the dramatic realism of 3D and thanks to its Eye-Fi card compatibility, users can also wirelessly upload their stills and movies directly to their computer or their favorite website. The TG-610 even comes with an Automatic Underwater Snapshot Mode and a large, 920,000 dot, high-resolution HyperCrystal III LCD screen. With its incredible features, this camera makes it easy to capture beautiful images of any adventure –whether it’s taken to the back of the sofa or the back-of-beyond. The Olympus TG-610 will be available in black, silver, blue and red by April 2011. But is currently available in black >>>

The Revolutionary Hands-Free Wearable HD Video Cameras: The ContourHD & The ContourGPS


Contour is the maker of the world's first (and lightest) HD helmet cam and the world's first wearable GPS video camera. ContourGPS and ContourHD are the ideal hands-free video cameras to shoot and share HD video for your active lifestyle. Light enough to fit on your goggles, their compact and rugged helmet cameras make high def video affordable.



The Contour HD revolutionized the way people shoot and share video by creating the first wearable HD video camera. Its secret is the low profile design mated to the patented TRail™ system that makes it easy to slide and lock to your body, equipment, or vehicle.
The camera, at only 4.3 ounces, is the smallest and lightest hands free video camera in the world, allowing it to virtually disappear while wearing it. Easy to operate and use. It's as simple as sliding a single oversized switch forward to start and backwards to stop, even with a pair of gloves on. In addition we make it simple to line up your shot with a rotating lens and two lasers that assure that you capture that perfect shot.

The Contour HD captures beautiful 1080p video. It utilizes a 135° wide-angle lens that delivers a true high quality image that captures all the action with minimal distortion or fish eye. It records Full HD in all its glory.
We provide several different camera settings so that you can get the shot that best fits your activity. Choose between 3 resolutions and 2 frame rates so that you get the best shots.

  • Full HD 1080p (1920 x1080 @ 30 fps) to capture those awesome moments in the highest resolution available.
  • Tall HD 960p (1280 x 960 @ 30fps) for those sports like surfing that are better suited to a taller image.
  • Action HD 720p (1280 x 720 @ 60 fps) when frame rate is more important than resolution. The perfect setting to capture the fastest action. It reduces blur and rolling shutter effect.
  • Contour 720p (1280 x 720 @30 fps). When space on your card is at a premium and you need to record that last epic adventure.


The aluminum body is tough and water resistant to take all of your outdoor abuse. Use your camera in the snow, sleet, mud, and rain and be assured that you will still capture that epic adventure without fail. If you are thinking of submerging your camera in your next activity use the waterproof case. It can handle depths of up to 10 meters so that you can feel confident your camera is safe and dry.


The built-in omni-directional microphone captures the rich sounds of the ride. Using AAC Audio Compression, the bottom-facing microphone assures you that you see and hear your adventure.


The compact and lightweight design principle was carried throughout every detail of the Contour HD. The internal Micro SD card captures hours of HD content while remaining one of the smallest pieces on the camera. When expanded up to 32 GB, it will record over 8 hours of HD content on one card when in Full HD 1080p mode.


We provide the tools for you to download the videos from your camera to your computer in just a few clicks. Editing is as simple as an "Awesome" button to feature the best parts of your story, then you can become the ultimate producer by adding a title, description, and keywords, and epic location of your video.


You provide the story, we give you the platform to tell thousands of members just like you. When you want to share it to more than your friends on, we make it easy to share to all of your favorite social media sites.

1080p High Definition Video
The ContourHD 1080p gives you full high definition 1920 x 1080p/30fps video for capturing detailed, brilliant footage. You can choose to record in 4 other resolutions as well: 1280 x 960/30fps, 1280 x 720/30fps, 1280 x 720/60fps, and WVGA (standard definition) 848 x 480/60fps High Definition Video 

Adjusting the Camera Settings
Using the Easy Edit software you can make adjustments to your ContourHD 1080p to get just the look you want. Dial in your contrast (high, medium, or low), exposure (-4 to +4), metering (spot, center, average), and the sensitivity of the microphone 

Fixed Focus 135° Lens
The ContourHD Wearable Camcorder lens allows you to capture everything in the scene without over-distorting the video. And, because it's fixed focus the entire scene stays in focus from start to finish 
Built-In Microphone
The ContourHD features a built-in microphone for totally reliving all the action. The mic is designed to keep wind noise to a minimum while honing in on the sound of your activity. In addition, the microphone can be configured to focus on the action sounds you want to capture 

Records 8 Hours of HD Video
Record up to 8 hours of high definition video with this wearable camcorder when you're using a 16GB microSD memory card 

Fits in the Palm of your Hand
Weighing only 4.3 ounces, the Contour HD 1080p is super light as well as ultra compact 

TRail Mount Freedom
Contour's patent-pending TRail Mounts "slide and lock" the wearable camcorder onto a number of mounts for your goggles, helmet, handlebars, vehicle and pretty much anywhere your adventures take you under the sun 

One Touch Recording
Even with gloves on you start and stop the ContourHD thanks to the slide record switch. Instead of worrying about complicated menu selections or hard to maneuver buttons the good folks at Contour kept things simple. Slide the switch forward to record and back to stop. If you need a silent mode (meaning no beep indicators) the camera can oblige as well 

Dual Laser Alignment
The ContourHD uses two lasers and a 180° rotating lens to ensure that every time you shoot your video lines up. Turn on the lasers and rotate the lens until the lasers are horizontal and you're good to go 

Armored Design
The camera is not only water-resistant, but made from anodized aluminum that withstands dust, dirt, mud, and snow. In addition, shock, vibration, and impact resistance makes the ContourHD one tough cookie 

Built-In Rechargeable Battery
The wearable camcorder is powered by a removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. On a full charge you'll enjoy up to 4 hours of uninterrupted HD recording 

Click to Share Online
Using the included Easy Edit software, and your Mac or PC, you can easily upload and share all your videos to social media sites. It's easy - just import your video, edit it using the software, and post the best takes for sharing 

Easy Edit Software
This user friendly editing software takes the work out of turning your video into Internet legend. Just use the included USB cable to connect your ContourHD to your computer, select "Import" and your videos will be on your computer and ready to be viewed in just a few minutes. Once they're uploaded you can watch all the action in a widescreen or full screen format with controls to stop, start, and fast-forward. And the best parts of your footage can be clipped using a simple set of functions: select the "Set Start" button at the beginning of the video you've selected, then "Set Stop" at the end. Wrap it all up with the "Finish" button and you've got your amazing clip that's ready to share and impress. To publish your videos just press the "Share" button and the Easy Edit software will post your clip. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creative Photography: Why Photographers Love The Plastic "Toy Camera"


The first blog entry I've ever written for H & B Digital was on The Lomography Oktomat camera, “The Oktomat is a super cute 35mm camera made for the spontaneous photographer who loves capturing outdoor, action shots and whose style embodies a simple yet experimental approach…” 

This modern-day camera falls under the increasing popular “toy camera” category that originated in the 1960s and 1980s, with cameras like the Holga and the Diana, at a time when photography was just starting to be accepted in the academic and fine-arts world. However, these days, I've noticed that these “fantastic plastic” cameras are being explored by ALL types of photographers …

So why are these plastic cameras, that ignore all the features found in today’s DSLRs, becoming a big hit in the photography community?

Aside from their colorful & retro designs, there are a few others reasons actually, some that might even spark your interest into giving them a try as well…

Vignetting – In modern-day plastic Holgas, the image circle that the lens creates isn’t quite big enough to cover the full 6x6 cm area evenly. Therefore, images get dark and blurry towards the corners, an effect known as vignetting. You can use an insert or crop the negative to reduce this effect but many photographers find this quality appealing by darkening and softening detail around the edges of the frame.

Vignette 01
Vignette 02

Vignette 03
Vignette 04 - Photo Taken by Photojournalist For LIFE Magazine

Twin-Lens Reflex Holga
Discretion – Twin-lens reflex Holgas (introduced fairly recently) allows photographers to view and compose their images by looking down at a shaded horizontal viewfinder screen that shows the image formed by a similar lens that sits above the main lens. This design allows you to shoot more discreetly, without having to raise the camera to your eye. This gives photographers the ability to shoot subjects that they normally have trouble capturing.
Horizontal Viewfinder

Shooting w/ Twin-Lens Reflex

Light Leaks – Original Holgas and Dianas have delicate bodies that often times, when their seams are not completely taped, create images that have fogginess or light streaks throughout them. Although this can leave a considerable amount of unused film on each roll, this effect gives photos a creative and interesting look by creating a mixture of an array of patterns overtop of the pictures.

Example of Light Leaks
Flare – Plastic cameras do not have antireflective coated lenses, so they are highly susceptible to flare. However, like light leaks, flare can be used for creative purposes as well. Flares cause an overall reduction of contrast and seemingly random, interestingly shaped light areas in the image. This can add an element of drama to your photos. 

Flare 01

Flare 02
Flare 03

Even if you do decide to invest in a “toy camera,” there are easy ways to prevent these effects from occurring. But if you'd like to stick to your trusty DSLR but enjoy the physical “look” of a toy camera, there is an alternative I found in the trendy gadget magazine STUFF  if you can get your hands on it…

The Pentax K-r Korejanal Robo

This is a DSLR that’s outside looks like a Lego man in Technicolor. On the inside, it is identical to a standard K-r, with a 12.4 MP sensor and HD video shooting. However, the outside gets a 35mm f/2.4 lens with a robot head in the hot shoe and a wacky Fisher-Price paint job. It brings whole new meaning to entry-level style used in professional photography.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Scrumptious Touch-Screen FujiFilm FinePix Z90 Comes in a Variety of Flavors


The undeniably delicious FinePix Z90 from FujiFilm, a super-stylish member 2011 range of digital cameras. It's packed full of fun and easy-to-use features prove that this camera is more than just a pretty face. 
Housing an innovative 3-inch wide LCD touch screen, a 14.2 megapixel sensor, a 5x Fujinon optical zoom, 720p HD movie and 1080p image capture, and a YouTube / Facebook easy web upload facility; the FinePix Z90 is the perfect camera for a fashion-conscious audience that is looking for a combination of quality and style.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Printers Under $100: The Canon PIXMA MX340 Wireless All-In-One Printer is Perfect For Your Home or Small Office

The Canon PIXMA MX340 is a wireless all-in-one printer with an auto document feeder that delivers the versatility you need to experience increased productivity in your home or small office.

The PIXMA MX340 is essentially designed for your home or small business because it is really a straightforward kind of printer that gets the job done and does its job well. You won’t find cutesy features like printing stationary and editing pictures on the MX340, however, you will find fast printing for photos as well as black and white and color prints.

The Pixma MX340 can be connected to your computer via USB or wirelessly connected to your network, it also allows you to print directly from your iPhone or iPod touch which is a neat little feature in itself.

Additionally, its built-in Wireless connectivity allows you to print or scan wirelessly from anywhere in the house. The built-in, fully integrated 30-sheet Auto Document Feeder delivers fast copying or scanning of your originals so you can do other things while your printer is at work. Plus, various security features like password protected PDF’s let you feel safe about creating and distributing your most confidential files. 

Super G3 High-speed Fax2 ensures efficient communication and thanks to Dual Color Gamut Processing Technology, your copies will maintain the integrity of the original. This versatile Wireless Office All-In-One also prints photo lab quality pictures. Speaking of photos, take full advantage of Canon’s fantastic Wi-Fi printing technology and print your photos wirelessly from compatible iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod touch devices. Enjoy additional computer-less printing capabilities via PictBridge4 and optional Bluetooth while you set your quantities on a Full Dot Matrix LCD. Easy-WebPrint EX allows you to print what you want off the web, when you want. So surf the web, create your layouts, combine text and pictures and print out pages however you like. 

The printer can also scan to (but not print from) a USB memory key, which can be a welcomed convenience. One other potentially useful touch is that you can set it to save faxes to memory, and then manually move the faxes to a USB key as PDF files to read on screen before you decide whether to print them.

Whether you’re running your business on a PC or Mac, the PIXMA MX340 meets all of your printing needs, it fit virtually anywhere, PLUS it won't burn a hole in your pocket at a affordable price -$99.95

PIXMA MX340 Specifications:
Printers Attributes:
Printing Method: Inkjet
Print Speed (up to):
Color Photo: 4″ x 6″ borderless photo: approximately 43 seconds
Black: ESAT; 8.4 ipm
Color: ESAT; 4.8 ipm
Number of Nozzles
Nozzles: Black: 320
Color: 1,152
Total: 1,472
Print Resolution (up to):
Black: Up to 600 x 600 dpi7
Color: Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi7
Paper Sizes: 4″x 6″, 4″x 8″, 5″x 7″, 8″x 10″, Letter, Legal, U.S. #10 envelopes
Automatic Sheet Feeder: 100 pages
ADF: 30 Sheets 

Printer Features:
Auto Document Feeder, Auto Document Fix, Auto Photo Fix II, Auto Sheet Feeder, Borderless Printing12 Document Printing, Photo Printing, Template Print
Copy Speed (up to): Color ESAT: 3.4 ipm10
Reductions Enlargement: 25% – 400%
Copy Features:4-in-1 / 2-in-1 Copy, AE (Auto Exposure / Intensity) copy, Borderless, Fit-to-Page, Gutter Shadow Correction Copy, Image Repeat, Intensity, Multiple Copy: 1-99 pages , Preset Copy Ratios, Sort (ADF), Zoom
Scanner Element: Contact Image Sensor (CIS)
Max. Resolutions:
Optical: 1200 x 2400 dpi
ADF 600 x 600 dpi (Optical)
Interpolated: 19,200 x 19,200 dpi
48-bit internal / 24-bit external
Scanner Features: Auto Scan Mode8, Push Scan, Scan To Memory, Network Scan
Max. Document Size:
Flatbed: 8.5″ x 11.7″
ADF: 8.5″ x 14″
Modem Speed: 33.6 Kbps (Super G3 color FAX)
Transmission Speed (approx.): Black: Approx. 3 sec. / page
Color: Approx. 1 min. / page
Memory Capacity: Approx. 50 pages
Speed Dialing: 20 Locations 

General Specifications:
Other Features: Dual Color Gamut Processing Technology, Fully-Integrated Auto Document Feeder,Full Dot Matrix LCD, PictBridge, Quick Start
OS Compatibility: Windows 7®, Windows Vista®, Windows XP/2000 and Mac OS® X v10.4 – v10.6.x15
Standard Interface: Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b/g)1 (Compatible with IEEE802.11n)14 USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, PictBridge (Cable not included), Bluetooth® v2.0 (Optional)
Software Included: Setup Software and User’s Guide CD-ROM,MX340 Printer Driver, Easy-PhotoPrint EX, MP Navigator EX, Easy-WebPrint EX (Windows Only),Solution Menu
Dimension (W x D x H): 18.1″ (W) x 16.4″ (D) x 7.8″ (H)
Weight: 19 lbs.
Warranty: One year limited warranty with InstantExchange program. 1-Year toll-free technical phone support

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The New FujiFilm FinePix S3200 Bridges The Finer Points Between A Digital Compact and A Digital SLR Camera

The FujiFilm FinePix S3200 may look like a digital SLR but is actually a new edition S-series long-zoom bridge camera that is well-regarded by both photography enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

A bridge camera model slots between digital compacts and DSLRs by offering the finer points of both genres. This makes them ideal for photographers who like the simplicity of a compact digital camera but occasionally find it restrictive in terms of lens range and picture taking features and yet do not want to make the leap to a full-blown DSLR. These models, like the S3200, "bridges" between the two camera categories. 
The FujiFilm FinePix S3200 Digital Camera

Image Stabilization
The S3200 is 1 out of the 3 new super-zoom digital cameras released and is available to order on our website. The 14 megapixel S3200 comes with the FUJINON 24x and wide 24mm super-zoom long lens and includes dual image stabilization.


Blink Detection

It also has a large 3 inch LCD screen at 230k, an Electric Viewfinder, full HD photo and 720p movie, plus a variety of image and social features like Motion Panorama shooting mode, Smile and Blink Detection, Face Recognition and Image Searching. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


New Arrivals PLUS A FREE GIFT w/Purchase: The Canon PowerShot A3300 IS, PowerShot A1200 & PowerShot A800 Compact Digital Cameras

The wait is finally over!
This week, H and B Digital  will receive 3 of the 4 newly released Canon A-series models including The PowerShot A3300 IS, The PowerShot A1200 & The PowerShot A800 compact digital cameras.  

Receive a FREE GIFT 
Until April 15, 2011 -

As a BONUS, we are offering each customer a FREE 4 GB high -speed memory card with their order of ANY digital camera, including any of the Canon A-series models, on our website. (Limit 1 per order)

The Canon PowerShot A3300 IS features:
  • 720p HD video
  • 16.0-Megapixel CCD sensor
  • 5x Optical Zoom
  • Optical Image Stabilizer
  • Wide Angle 28-140mm Lens
  • 3.0-inch LCD screen
  • 32 predefined shooting situations in its advanced Smart AUTO feature
  • Subject Detection - where a specific object is the main focal point of the image
  • Live View Control - provides beginners with user-friendly terms for altering features within the camera
  • Brightness, vividness and color tone is quickly adjustable -  easy for entry-level users to adjust the look and feel of an image.
  • New Discreet Mode – the camera's auto-focus assist beam, sound and flash can be turned off with just the press of a button which makes it easier to capture a photo without unnecessary sound or distractions.
  • Creative Filter Option – users can conveniently access cool scene modes
  • New Shooting Scenes -Toy Camera and Monochrome, Super Vivid, Fish-eye, Poster Effect and Miniature Effect
  • Toy Camera Effect - adds a grainy, blurred look to soften photos, illustrating an old-school, 1960's appearance
  • Monochrome Mode - attaches black-and-white, blue or sepia tones to images, displaying a more classic, antiqued appearance.
  • 5 vibrant colors - black, red, blue, silver and pink 

The Canon PowerShot A1200 features:

  • 70p HD Video
  • Canon's basic and easy-to-use mode dial 
  • 12.1-Megapixel CCD sensor 
  • 4x Optical Zoom 
  • Wide Angle 28-112mm Lens
  • 2.7-inch LCD screen
  • AA battery-powered
  • 32 predefined shooting situations in its advanced Smart AUTO feature
  • Subject Detection - where a specific object is the main focal point of the image
  • Live View Control - provides beginners with user-friendly terms for altering features within the camera
  • Brightness, vividness and color tone is quickly adjustable -  easy for entry-level users to adjust the look and feel of an image.
  • New Discreet Mode – the camera's auto-focus assist beam, sound and flash can be turned off with just the press of a button which makes it easier to capture a photo without unnecessary sound or distractions.
  • *The Optical View Finder- an easy way to frame shots on a sunny day and is a good option to conserve battery power
  • Blur Reduction – reduces image distortion and ensures crisp photos
  • Creative Filter Option – users can conveniently access cool scene modes
  • New Shooting Scenes -Toy Camera and Monochrome, Super Vivid, Fish-eye, Poster Effect and Miniature Effect
  • Toy Camera Effect - adds a grainy, blurred look to soften photos, illustrating an old-school, 1960's appearance
  • Monochrome Mode - attaches black-and-white, blue or sepia tones to images, displaying a more classic, antiqued appearance.
  • 2 vibrant colors – black & silver

The Canon PowerShot A800 features: 
**For the Value-Conscious Customer**
  • 10-Megapixel CCD sensor
  • 19 Smart AUTO scene modes
  • 3.3x Optical Zoom
  • 37-112mm Lens
  • 2.5-inch LCD screen
  • AA battery-powered
  • Blur Reduction – reduces image distortion and ensures crisp photos