Friday, December 7, 2012

Panasonic GH3 Battery Grip and other GH3 Accessories IN STOCK

Panasonic Battery Grip and Other Accessories for GH3 In Stock

H and B Digital now has the Panasonic DMW-BGGH3 Battery Grip IN STOCK and SHIPPING NOW.  We're the only store online that is currently shipping such items.
The Panasonic DMW-BGGH3 Battery Grip for Panasonic's latest mirrorless wonder, the Lumix DMC-GH3, gives the GH3 longer battery life of more than 1000 pictures when using 2 batteries.
Panasonic DMW-BG GH3 Battery Grip
Front view of the BGGH3 Battery Grip.
Panasonic's GH line is known for its exceptional digital video capabilities.  But shooting video can be a drain on a camera's batteries.  The battery grip therefore greatly increases the amount of shooting time available.
The BGGH3 offers a comfortable grip and easy handling of the GH3, even when shooting vertically.

The BGGH3 as it looks on the GH3.

The grip has three dedicated buttons for exposure, ISO and WB, addition to the release button on the top of the grip.  The DMW-BGGH3 Battery Grip also has front and rear dials to be used just in the same way of using the DMC-GH3. 
The grip is also splash and dust proof.


Other Accessories

H and B Digital also has batteries for the GH3 and the grip, the DMW-BLF19.
We also have the DMW-MS2 Stereo Shotgun Microphone for the GH3.  The DMW-MS2 is designed specifically for the Lumix GH3.  It comes with a windjammer for blocking wind noise and enables high quality audio recording to go along with the GH's well-known and exceptional video recording.
This highly advanced external mic also suppresses the camera's (minimal) motor and handling noise, so that you capture the sound you're aiming for.
The microphone's holder is designed with a vibrational absorption mechanism.
Finally, we have the Panasonic DMW-FL360L Wireless External Flash for the GH3.  
The flash offers full bounce and swivel options, as well as an auto zoom head that automatically adjusts to match the lens.  

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