Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fujifilm X-Pro1 with 35mm F/1.4

Fujifilm X-Pro1 With the Fujinon 35mm F/1.4 Lens

16.3 MP
APS-C CMOS Sensor 
LCD Screen 3.0 "inch LCD
Lens Mount X.
Compatibility XF lens series.
Hybrid Multi Viewfinder
Full HD Video 1080p
TTL Flash Option for External Flash

The X-Pro1 is a mirror less digital camera that combines proven physical attributes, refined during the film era - and digital technology of the 21st century. It has a Retro look with metal constructed body and manual or analog dials. At the same time, Fuji introduces a brand new X Mount for lenses. Fujifilm, for the X mount lenses, will focus on prime lenses that has big aperture and that are great for lowlight photography (like the new Fujinon 35mm F/1.4 that we are testing). The chamber has a short back focal length of only 17.7 mm, which means that the lenses are so close rear sensor are as close as possible to the sensor. This reduces the back focus distance of each lens. The Fujiflm sensor has16.3 megapixeles and a size of APS-C 23.6 x 15.6mm. In this camera has EXR Processor Pro compatible with X-Trans sensor in its mission and working with a co-processor integrated high speed and accuracy. The X-Trans uses a set of color filters for color moirĂ© attack, resulting in an exceptionally true to life. 
Low light example 

Out door light Example

If you are looking for a great camera for low light situations this is the camera for you.However, we have to mention this camera is targeted for higher-end Photographer or Enthusiast. So if you are looking for a easy to use and basic camera then this one can be challenging.  Here are some shots taken with this camera.

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