Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Olympus Just Announced the TG-3 and SH-1: Two Cameras to Revolutionize the Market

Olympus Just Announced the TG-3 and SH-1: Two Cameras to Revolutionize the Market

The Olympus TG- 3 is a very good opponent to the underwater cameras on the market. This camera is the only that can go about 50.0' (15.2 meters) without an extra housing. Plus, its 16 megapixels, Full HD Video at 1080p, Built-in WIFI , GPS , Compass, ISO 6400, 5 fps , 4X Zoom and fast processor , coldproof, shockproof , dustproof and kidsproof ... lol ... just kidding .

The TG -3 has been improved from its predecessor the TG -2, with an improved GPS  and including a macro - microscopic mode .... what? This means that you can make photographic shots of even dust particles and you'll notice some crisp & clear details. In fact , we could say that you'll see things that are not seen with the naked eye . You can also make shots in 1sec intervals -24 hours to a maximum of 99 frames.

On the other hand, like its predecessor you will be able to add wide angle converter and tele-converter lenses and still use them underwater.

The Olympus SH -1, although is another compact camera promises to be excellent by borrowing some specs from the PEN cameras. This is a cross between a mirrorless  camera and a regular point & shot. Why ? The SH1 has the same  5 - axis image stabilization from their mirror-less cameras . Additionally, includes 16megapĂ­xeles , 24X optical zoom , shutter lens with F3- 6.9 , touch screen LCD, Full HD Video and built-in WIFI .

Both camera will be available in May / June 2014 and are available for pre - order. Keep visiting our blog for example images ;) from this cameras.

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