Monday, October 31, 2011

2011 PDN Photo Expo Exclusive: Companies Worth Mentioning for Photographers

2011 PDN Photo Expo Photography Treat: 
Creative Companies Worth Mentioning For Photographers

500px, Inc. - A cool new social media platform for photographers to promote their work, view other photographers work and create a stunningly awesome portfolio for FREE

Ammonite Press - Creates and sells expanded guides which provide comprehensive and accessible guidance in the use of  and the software required for today's digital cameras. Also, brings important collections of pictures to life by creating social history books by working closely with Press Association Images' archivists to select photographs from a total of over 15 million captured during the 20th century.

Animoto - This website can take your photo images and then create a video slideshow with sound for you minutes, it cost money but it is so quick and easy, you can even use it with images taken from your phone.

Blurb, inc. - Create and design your own photo book in hardcover or softcover in quality prints and binding for a cost efficient price - definitely a cool way to showcase your work for friends, family or for a job interview.

American Society of Media Photographers - Become a member of this organization whether you are a professional photographer, advanced amateur or student, great site for networking in the photography industry, exclusive events and membership benefits - only downside is that there are membership fees on an annual basis.


You can borrow professional lenses, cameras and photography equipment if you just want to test it out or need it for a one time photo shoot - a cost effective way to shoot if you just can't afford to buy right now.

Backprint - You can create a gallery, upload images, choose products, and start selling your photography online. Backprint offers unlimited gallery and image uploads, customizable storefronts and shopping carts, and advanced image organization - including photo search tools.

Chromaluxe - An exciting new dimensional display/mounting option for images. They make creative borders produced in a range of popular photo sizes and their panels feature an advanced, highly durable, and extremely smooth photo surface.

H and B Digital will be posting more companies we thought were cool and helpful for photographers for the next few days, check back daily to see more!

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