Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Google+ as a Photography Platform

Using Google+ For Photography

The Google+ hub is still slowly rising among internet enthusiasts and social media fanatics, however, within the photography community, word is spreading quickly and photographers have found a new professional playground to post their visual art that not only makes it easy to fill their own news feed with inspirational photos but also to promote and to showcase their talent in an attractive and accessible way. 

While exploring the new G+ platform, I simply typed "photography" in the G+ search engine and found a stream of G+ profiles featuring stunning photography and interesting articles including photography tips and the latest electronic gadgets. 

So using my personal G+ profile, I circled some of the photography profiles I thought were interesting, here are a few examples of the type of photography on G+ including links to their G+ profiles...

 This is a photo taken by Victoria llina from the G+ page, "Digital Photography" 

 Photo taken by Kevin McNeal from the G+ page, "Nature Photography"

Photo taken by George Wheelhouse on the G+ page, "Photography"

You can use your personal G+ profile to showcase your photography or you have the option of creating a G+ page linked up to your G+ profile to display it. Either way you choose, it is a remarkable tool for quickly and easily posting your photos and sharing them with the world.

Recently, I created a page for H and B Digital through our main Gmail account and unfortunately, Google  only makes it possible for pages to circle other pages but not personal profiles when using it through the G+ page (but it does keep spammers away), so that's why I'm hoping people will circle our H and B Digital Google+ page by adding it through our website or by checking out this blog post and adding it here.

Also, as a fellow photography lover, you can also add my personal profile to your circles if you are interested in seeing more of my photography or sharing your photography with me.

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