Thursday, December 1, 2011

Panasonic Lumix G 12.5mm f/12 Lens Photo Review and Photo Samples

Panasonic Lumix G 12.5 f/12 3D Lens for Micro Four Thirds Photo Shoot in NYC From H and B

Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH2
Lens: Panasonic Lumix G 12.5 f/12 3D
Mode: iA (Intelligent Auto)

Product Highlights

  • World's First Interchangeable 3D Lens
  • Dual Optical System
  • For Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2S & DMC-GH2K
  • Lightweight (1.59 oz/45 g)
  • Compact (0.81" x 2.24" Diameter)
  • 3D Images Without Distortion or Time Lag
Ready to start making your own 3D images? Take a look at the Panasonic 3D LUMIX G 12.5mm/F12 Lens for DMC-GH2--the world's first interchangeable 3D lens that doesn't require a dedicated 3D camera. This extremely compact (3.2 x 4.4 x 4") lens has a dual optical system within the diameter of the lens mount that creates stereo images from the left and right lenses, to be processed with a 3D image processing system. It produces 3D images without distortion or time lag between left and right images, even for moving objects. 3D images, even close-up shots, taken with this lens are easy on the eyes when viewed on 3D VIERA televisions. This lens is made specifically for the Panasonic DMC-GH2S and DMC-GH2K.

Photo Shoot Images:

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