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New Canon Powershot ELPH 110HS Digital Camera Review, Photo Samples, Video

Canon PowerShot ELPH 110HS Digital Camera Photo/Video Shoot in NYC From H and B

Camera: Canon PowerShot ELPH 110HS
Mode: Auto

Product Highlights

  • 16.1MP CMOS Sensor
  • 5x Optical Zoom 24mm Wide Angle Lens
  • 3.0" High Resolution PureColor LCD
  • Optical Image Stabilizer
  • DIGIC 5 Image Processor
  • Continuous Burst Mode of 5.8fps
  • Full 1080p HD Video with Stereo Sound
  • Super Slow Motion Movie Records 240fps
  • Smart AUTO and Intelligent IS Features
  • Slim, Sleek Look and Intuitive Design
The Canon PowerShot ELPH 110 HS Digital Camera is a slim and sleek digital camera containing a wealth of functionality for any situation. Simple and intuitive design surround the Canon HS System; the perfect pairing between a high-sensitivity 16.1MP CMOS sensor and the speedy DIGIC 5 Image Processor. The 24mm wide angle lens with 5x optical zoom is further aided by a sophisticated Optical Image Stabilizer, providing you with broad views and assurance that you will be able to capture the scene you want.

An improved Smart AUTO feature further assists by selecting proper camera settings based on a wide range of 58 predefined shooting situations. A Face ID function also helps to capture the perfect exposure and focus for portraiture using a series of pre-registered faces. Smooth Skin and Soft Focus scene modes continue to develop portraiture by helping to diminish blemishes and adding a smoothing glow to your subjects.

In addition to still image performance, full HD 1080p video is supported along with stereo sound, a dedicated movie button, and playback on an HDTV via the HDMI output. Super Slow Motion Movie mode records videos at approximately 240fps, and when played back at 30fps is dramatically slower and movements are rendered in greater detail. For high-speed still images, a 5.8fps burst mode is offered.
Canon HS System
The Canon HS System provides superior results for low light photography. As a result of 2 technologies--the high-speed DIGIC 5 Image Processor and a 16.1MP CMOS sensor--bright, clear images are possible in a wide range of shooting situations. The DIGIC Image Processor helps to reduce noise and boost the quality of images, even at ISO 3200. A high-sensitivity imaging sensor gathers maximum detail in both the highlights and shadow areas and articulates it with immaculate detail.
Full HD 1080p Video with Ease
In addition to the Canon HS System, the marriage of a sensitive CMOS sensor and a speedy image processor provide crisp, clear high definition video. Recording at a full 1080p, you can later watch your movies on an HDTV or share your videos with friends. 720p HD video at 30fps is also supported.

A dedicated movie button is located on the rear of the camera for quick, easy access to begin shooting video instantly. You are no longer required to navigate through menus in order to switch between movie and still mode; both recording formats are supported with an intuitive interface. 5x optical zoom is also fully supported throughout video recording, allowing greater functionality and more creative freedom.
HDTV Playback and iFrame Formatting
Through the use of an integrated HDMI output, it is easy to watch and share your HD videos on your high definition television. HDMI-CEC technology is also supported, giving you the option to control movie and image playback on a CEC-enabled HDTV with the TV's remote control.

And for optimum playback and compatibility with your videos and computers, Apple's iFrame format is fully supported. Keeping file sizes small, but still high in quality, the iFrame format is natively supported on both Windows and Mac platforms and eliminates the need to perform time-consuming conversions in order to share your files.
5x Optical Zoom and a 24mm Wide Angle Lens
The wide angle, 24mm lens provides photographers with an optimum focal length for a plethora of situations ranging from portraiture to landscapes. Giving a slightly wider-than-normal perspective, this lens ensures that you capture the most in your frame while retaining maximum detail and quality. For those moments when you need to get a bit closer than what the wide angle lens affords, a 5x optical zoom maintains a consistent quality while focusing in on your subject matter. This lens features Canon's UA lens technology, helping to significantly reduce lens aberration for distortion-free images and outstanding picture quality throughout the entire zoom range.
PureColor LCD Screen for Immediate Enhanced Viewing
Featuring a large, bright 3" / 7.6cm LCD, you can instantly view your photos and movies on the high resolution, 461,000 dot display. The PureColor LCD arranges the dots in a delta formation, as opposed to the standard linear or striped formation. This provides greater color depth and representation of your images. With minimal color shift and reflections, the screen is easily viewable from a variety of angles, as well. A hard, scratch-proof coating with dust repellence helps to ensure durability and consistency in how your images appear on the display.
Smart AUTO and Face ID
The best images are even easier to attain with Smart AUTO. 58 different, predefined shooting situations are easily recognizable and applied, ensuring the most vivid, sharp, and bright photos, and videos, possible.

On top of the 58 situations featured in Smart AUTO, Face ID is able to store up to 12 people of your choosing and easily identify them in group photos. Once you have photographed someone, you are able to log their name and age into the camera for future recognition and enhancement. Once registered, the camera can recognize them in a group portrait or individually and adjust focus and exposure to best suit them. And because you select each face you register, Face ID makes it easy to search for photos of that person by name.
High Speed and Slow Motion
Ideal for sporting events and action shots, this camera supports burst rates up to 5.8 frames per second. This is a perfect solution for creating a series of images revolving around an action or to ensure you capture the perfect, singular moment amidst a fast-paced situation.

When shooting video of action and sports, the Super Slow Motion Movie mode records video at an extremely high frame rate, up to approximately 240 frames per second. When played back at a normal rate of 30 frames per second, this frame-rich video creates a dramatic effect and helps to analyze movement in a variety of situations.
Movie Digest
A unique feature, the 720p Movie Digest helps to automatically create a highlight reel of your excursions. This mode automatically records the 4 seconds before still shots in 720p, then automatically edits the 2 formats into a singular, 720p video clip.
Smooth Skin and Soft Focus
Automatically employing the post-production effects common to portraiture, the Smooth Skin and Soft Focus features were specifically designed to get the most out of your portraits before taking your images to the computer. Smooth Skin reduces dullness, wrinkles, and harsh shadows and helps to add a smoothing effect and glow to the subject's skin tone. Soft Focus diffuses lighting and adds a haze quality to your imagery to invoke a sense of inherent nostalgia and timelessness. Both modes are controllable in steps ranging from low to high.

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