Monday, April 4, 2011

Enjoy Taking Adventures? Traveling? or Extreme Sports? Then These New Compact Digital Cameras Are For You!

Do You Enjoy Adventures? Traveling? Extreme Sports?  
Then These New Compact Digital Cameras Might Be Your Calling -

Can you believe it’s April already?  The 2011 New Year felt like it was only about a month ago and here we are with summer right around the corner. At least this means the brutally cold winter we’ve been having will come to an end.  In the spirit of slowing things down a bit to enjoy the warm weather that’ll (hopefully!) arrive on time, I created a blog to promote some of the new digital cameras released that are perfect for spending time outdoors  but just in case this cold weather never ends, most of these cameras do well in all types of weather and for the vacation bound that can get to spring and summer time type weather early, I have some new, travel specific, toys for you as well. 


Adventure Digital Cameras – Whether an adventure for you is trekking through the icy Arctic, a day of bike riding through the woods or simply going for a dip in the local community pool... the compact digital cameras these days come prepared for any level of adventure you feel like taking on. 

Travel Digital Cameras – Planning to take a vacation this summer? These compact digital cameras come equipped with features that are perfect for capturing your trip in full HD photo and video AND just as amazing as you remember it!

Action Digital Cameras - Do you enjoy surfing? Riding Motorcycles? Mountain Biking? Skydiving? How about the ability to show the world your day-to-day through YOUR eyes? Well now you can! These wearable action cams can be attached practically anywhere and record in HD photo and video. Now your POV can be recorded when doing any of your favorite extreme sports! Plus some compact digital cameras like the ContourGPS also include a GPS system that allow you to not only record the world around you but also track the route of your journey while also calculating/recording your speed, altitude and elevation during it!

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