Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kinect Sensor For Xbox 360: An Innovative and Intuitive Illusionist


One Of The Top Innovative Connection Illusionists

Although Microsoft released the Kinect Sensor for XBOX 360 (originally introduced to the public as Project Natal) way back in November of 2010, it is definitely an interesting tech gadget that I didn't even know existed until I saw it sitting on the shelves at H and B Digital the other day...I mean come on, I just had to know more about anything called KINECT SENSOR...

Microsoft's Kinect is an innovative controller-free add-on to the Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console...but unlike other add-ons to the Xbox 360, this magically device gives the illusion of intuition. 

Kinect uses both visual and audio sensors to "see and hear" you. Then, it appears to translate your body movements, physical gestures, and verbal commands by displaying them on screen. Whether you are playing a game, engaging in a Live Chat session, sweating to an exercise simulation or using any of the various Kinect software, your Kinect Sensor will respond accordingly.

Physically, the Kinect Sensor itself is a sleek device that doesn't take up too much space. On the outside, it has a horizontal bar that you place either above or below your Xbox, but inside, the display on the bar contains a series of microphones, a camera, and an infra-red depth-sensor system, all of which are built into the systems software and work together to integrate you into the Xbox.

Some of this software includes such functions as facial recognition, 3-D full-body motion capture, and voice recognition. And don't worry about your level of insanity if your Kinect sensor moves, you're not going insane!  -- it's actually on a motorised pivot so it can track your movements. 

When you find Kinect stock, you can also buy games made exclusively for the Kinect sensor -- look for a purple case, with green waves, and the word "Kinect" in white on top. Those games that require Kinect will have a purple label to let you know and other games that use Kinect as an option will come with a label with the words "Better with Kinect Sensor" instead. 

 You can also use the Kinect to run a voice/video chat session with Windows Live Messenger or with other users of an Xbox 360. The Kinect Sensor can track up to six people simultaneously, under any ambient light conditions, with a maximum of two people performing the motions that will be translated onto the screen.

Kinect also runs with Microsoft's Zune Media entertainment system. Other companies have also created games for the Xbox Kinect system, some of them include: Activision, Namco Bandai, Capcom, Square Enix, Electronic Arts, THQ, Disney Interactive, MTV Games, Konami, Ubisoft, and SEGA.

Released on November 4, 2010, Kinect can be bought as an add-on for your own Xbox 360, or as part of a complete Xbox 360 console purchase. Although so far the Kinect has proved very popular and this item can be pretty hard to find! That is why I'm surprised we have so many sitting around at our store and also part of the reason I'm writing this blog because after using it, I think everyone should experience this magical and truly innovative device!


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